Toddlers possess great curiosity and are at the stage of exploring the world around them, trying to master skills on their own.

Their days will be filled with lots of exploration and play that encourages them to move, touch, feel, taste and listen.

Toddler Theme
“I learn about myself, my body, my family, my school and
my community”

Moving from micro to macro concepts to prepare the Tiny Tots for broader themes in the years to come.

Toddler Math
“The world is a rainbow That’s filled with many colours, Yellow, black and white and brown.You see them all around”

Planning for concepts like number recognition, sorting, colours and shapes to prepare foundation skills in Math.

Toddler English Language Programme
“Annie Apple she says a, she says a, she says a, Annie Apple she says a She belongs to Mr. A”

Meeting the characters who live in Letterland and role-playing them through dress-ups, songs and drama to really bring the characters to life.

Toddler Self Help Skills
“Scooping raw pasta makes me independent at mealtime”

Planning Montessori-style activities designed to foster independence in daily living and self help skills.

Toddler Fine Muscle Development
“Paper tearing might be messy but it sure makes my fingers strong”

Activities like dough play, paper rolling etc to help prepare the child to hold writing tools in later years with an appropriate grip.

Toddler Chinese Language Programme

We believe that no child is too young to learn a language. Therefore, our toddler children are introduced to the Chinese language through interesting themes that are close to their daily life. Through these themes we have incorporated dramatic play, songs and rhymes, stories, creative activities in the curriculum.