This age-group is highly imaginative and live in a world of make-believe. A typical day is filled with lots of pretend play, songs and rhymes, creative play and painting.

Interaction by verbal exchanges, playing music, making various noises, exploring objects for size, shape, color.

PG Theme
“Let’s swing like monkeys and stomp like elephants”

Making theme lessons come alive through hands-on activities and art & craft work to build interest and fine motor development.

PG Math
“Shapes are all around us. Shapes are everywhere Shapes are here and there”

Covering concepts of colour, shape, one to one correspondence through games and hands-on activities to make concepts very concrete.

PG English Language Programme
“Clever Cat says c in words, c in words, c in words
Clever Cat says c in words As she cuddles close to me”

Revising the Letterlanders, their letter names and letter sounds to help create a strong foundation for basic phonics.

PG Chinese Language Programme

The Playgroup Chinese programme is designed with age appropriate themes and is communication-driven to build strong interest in the language. It comprises of fun and catchy songs and rhymes, stories and creative art and craft to reinforce speaking and listening skills.