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Inquisitive and expressive they are! Lots of opportunity for discussion, show ‘n’ tells, and free expression activities await them.

Nursery Theme
“The tsunami in Japan, flooding in Orchard Road…I know what these terms mean because I learnt it as part of Weather”

Exploring important science and social studies topics through craft, portfolios and project work.

Nursery Math
“Look at me…I can write numbers…I know what they mean!”

Preparing children for the transition to Kindergarten math through exposure to number value and penmanship, and degrees of comparison.

Nursery English Language Programme
“Round Dippy Duck’s back .And round her tummy.Then up to her head. And down again”

Introducing children to the world of reading through basic readers and high frequency words and achieving phonics objectives of letter sounds and penmanship skills.

Nursery Chinese Language Programme

The nursery children are introduced to the basic strokes of the Chinese characters and then putting the basic strokes together to form simple words. We continue to emphasize on oral and listening skills which we have been developing since toddler and playgroup class but more focus is given to reading and recognizing more than 200 Chinese characters at wooden tea set online.