Kindergarten 2

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Kindergarten 2


kindergarten 2

This group of sixes are vocal, eager to learn and highly competitive. A day filled with activities that promote cooperative competition and discovery is a definite challenge.

K2 Theme
“My teacher gave me the opportunity to use PowerPoint for my term end presentation…”

Expanding on the themes covered in K1 so that the students are exposed to project work, independent thinking and presentation skills.

K2 Math
“When I finish my work, I can challenge myself with Fast Track activities…”

Moving towards Primary Preparation and strengthening the foundations of Math Skills and concepts through games, ICT and hands-on activities.

K2 English Language Programme
“I can write a book on my own…I am an author now!”

Higher phonics and an advanced grade reading programme to build on reading, writing and comprehension skills necessary for Primary 1.

K2 Chinese Language Programme

According to MOE New Syllabus requirements
Greater emphasis on Reading 阅读
Recognition of Chinese Characters starting from Nursery (200 phrases), K1 (450 phrases), K2 (450 phrases) 认字
Penmanship starting from Nursery Class 书写词汇及短句
Greater emphasis on Oral practice through picture talk and discussion 口试
Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音

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