Kindergarten 1

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Kindergarten 1


kindergarten 1

The five year olds show initiative and responsibility.
Activities that promote active ands independent learning are incorporated into the programme.

K1 Theme
“Look at my portfolio on the Solar System…I made it on my learning journey to the Science Centre”

Exposure to different subject themes contributing to world awareness and general knowledge through a variety of themes from geography to fine arts and history to science!

K1 Math
“2, 4, 6…what comes next? I know…It is 8!”

Laying the foundations of numeracy skills like number bonds, ordinal numbers and skip counting.

K1 English Language Programme
“Take me to the library more often .I am beginning to read now.”

Introducing blends, sight words and word families to lay the foundation for simple sentence construction and comprehension.

K1 Chinese Language Programme

According to MOE New Syllabus requirements
Greater emphasis on Reading 阅读
Recognition of Chinese Characters starting from Nursery (200 phrases), K1 (450 phrases), K2 (450 phrases) 认字
Penmanship starting from Nursery Class 书写词汇及短句
Greater emphasis on Oral practice through picture talk and discussion 口试
Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音