We provide the kind of quality infant care and creative learning environment for which you have been searching. Early childhood education takes on new meaning when the infant’s natural curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. Attending our Infant care is a ‘positive’ growth experience for all children.

– Individualized Attention

– Nutritious Food

– An Excellent Staff-Child Ratio

– Developmental Checklist for Infants

– Stimulating Environment

– Good Hygiene Practice

– Safety

– Daily Report


At this stage in life, young babies are developing at a very fast pace. Babies need a lot of gross motor activities to help develop and fine-tune gross motor skills. We offer several developmental activities for the babies.


Interaction by verbal exchanges, playing music, making various noises, exploring objects for size, shape, color, texture, movement, position and sound. Hiding objects for seek and find and motion games which include clapping, singing, etc.


Interaction with familiar people, reassurance and nurturing environment at the same times, verbal communication and positive strokes, simple yet stimulating games.


Play with dolls and verbalize body parts (i.e. nose, ears, mouth, etc.), make noises during all interactions, name all objects consistently and constantly, give meaning when introducing new words, name all body actions, read books and look at pictures and interact with many fingerplays.


Help facilitate bottle holding, finger foods, picking up small objects, learning to creep, crawl and walk.