About Us

The CitiKids curriculum is founded on the philosophy that children are active learners; with the right opportunity and exposure they are able to excel to their fullest potential. We provide a comprehensive curriculum for your children to prepare them well for a smooth and successful transition into primary school.
With our track record of alumni achieving excellent results in their primary schools, we are confident that your children will have spent fulfilling preschool years with us.



We constantly challenge the ‘little minds’ to shape the future of our nation and the world, and mould lives of young children who spend their years with us.



Level Age Group Ratio
Infant 2 to 8 mths 1:3
Toddler 18 mths onwards 1:6
Year Child Turns:
Playgroup 3 years 1:8
Nursery 4 years 1:10
kindergarten 1 5 years 1:15
kindergarten 2 6 years 1:15
Represents Unending Learning . We provide age-appropriate learning experiences that enhance your child’s development
Represents Out-of-the-Box Thinking. We believe in growing big ideas with little minds. We aim to challenge curious little minds to be creative and explore the world around them.
Represents Balanced Development. We place equal emphasis on social, emotional, physical, cognitive and aesthetic developments of your child.


Put together, these time-tested playing blocks remind us your child learns best through play